Talk dirty chats

22-Oct-2018 13:46

But there’s nothing here that indicates that you’re doing that.What there is a lot of evidence for here is that Brenda is being weirdly judgmental about your interactions with men and is overstepping her bounds.

I report to all of them, and I sit at the front desk to the office to do light filing and answer the phones.

She asked if I thought it would be professional if she started texting the dean of her department, and brought up the “suggestive” way I’d been sitting next to him in his office the other day (I pulled up a chair because he wanted me to watch a video on his computer).

She told me that if Chris and I were friends outside of the office, it would be okay, but because we’re not, I shouldn’t be trying to be friendly with him at work.

Moreover, it’s not like I’m starting my career here.

It’s a work-study job to help pay my tuition, and there’s no room for advancement. Brenda seems determined to “mother” me, but I’m 24 years old.We’ve texted on non-work things a few times — I watched a movie he recommended and told him what I thought, etc.