Modesto teacher and student dating

10-Aug-2018 21:58

Fox Business 5/24/2018 Sacramento Bee 5/24/2018 Christian Science Monitor 5/24/2018 (This AP news story was republished by over 280 outlets) Fireworks capped off SF State’s Commencement ceremony at AT&T Park.

ABC7 5/24/2018 (No clip available) The Payscale College Return on Investment Report listed SF State as #92 among public universities for best return on investment.

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IFLScience 5/23/2018 Associate Professor of Race and Resistance Studies Rabab Abdulhadi’s statements about Zionism were discussed in an editorial on the relationship between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

Jewish Journal 5/23/2018 Alumna Denia Perez, one of the first “Dreamers” to earn a law degree, has been pushing for rule changes to allow those on DACA permits to practice law.

Atlas Obscura 5/17/2018 Professor and Chair of the Department of Communications Studies Joe Tuman discussed how platforms like Facebook and Twitter encourage users to share news without reading it.

KQED 5/17/2018 Professor of Health Education Ramon Castellblanch wrote a column criticizing Donald Trump’s plan to deal with high drug prices.

SFGate 5/25/2018 My San Antonio 5/25/2018 Laredo Morning Times 5/25/2018 An SF State study showing that money spent on experiences makes people happier is mentioned in an article on ways to “buy” happiness.CNBC 5/29/2018 SF State research on the temperature of locked cars was cited in an article about leaving children in cars.