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14-Sep-2017 05:43

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Some of the men who had this business already in jail(as I know they from USA).

You can try to search for articles online about this.

(My husband came to visit me first,then he sent me money to go to another city for interwiev in american embassy and money for air tickets.

From my place to USA those tickets cost 2 000$ and he knew that I can't affort it. To Firebird: I'm 1/2 russian and 1/2 poland, very attractive woman and I have marriage with an american man for last 9 years.

I’ve been burned by online dating sites before – both because the women I thought I was talking to ended up being nothing like their pictures (and occasionally not even women!

) and because of the irritating and hard to get rid of viruses and worms the sites in question placed on my computer.

It is all BS I have something to add here for let you understand why it like that...

As I know ,many or most of those "russian girls" from small town in Russia,who fishing for money on dating sites-it's American or other men from diffirent countries! And of course all those pic of girls will be very beautiful,because it's a some russian singer,actress,etc from (I seen it myself and recognise a few singers.

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