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But unlike paper charts, you can’t simply draw on the electronic versions. Digital charts are available in a variety of formats and with hugely varying levels of complexity and price. You can just buy a new chart each time, but this can work out to be extremely expensive, so it’s worth putting in some time to research the options which are open to you.

Chart plotters There are three main providers of charts – Garmin (Garmin Blue Chart) Jeppesen (C-Map) and Navionics.

Older charts Garmin say that their older charts on cartridge-type flash cards (called Traditional Blue Chart) will be discontinued as of December 2014 (these stopped being supplied with new plotters in 2008).

Watch this space for information on future support. C MAP C-Map offer a range of update and upgrade options for their customers. Their charts fall into the following categories: NT (for older plotters) and MAX, MAX Pro and 4D.

Updating preloaded maps If your chart plotter came preloaded with Blue Chart g2 charts, you can update them online or visit a Garmin dealer to buy the update on a card.

This allows daily updates similar to those in the official Notices to Mariners, as well as Navionics’ Sonar Charts (which use sonar logs from boats which submit their logs) and Community Edits (crowd-sourced data).570 NEWS has you covered with updates on closures and cancellations from across the region, brought to you by Heffner Toyota. You can also follow us on Twitter @570NEWS and listen to 570 NEWS live for real-time updates.=== === If you have a cancellation to report you can call: 519-743-6397 – email: [email protected]– or tweet us at @570NEWS.You can then sync chart updates and upload any sonar logs to Navionics’ servers.

Garmin Blue Chart Garmin have their own proprietary cartography for their range of plotters and offer a range of options for their charts, which include the following. Small, from £99; regular, from £149; large, £199; extra large, from £299.These companies offer their cartography on memory cards for plotters and each sell their own i Pad and Android tablet apps, which are much cheaper.

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