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Without Beaudoin’s knowledge, a 5,000 loan was given to Duhaime by the BDC.

It wasn’t until Duhaime tried to get another 0,000 loan that Beaudoin learned of the original loan and the prime minister’s involvement.

Despite his professed sanctimony about the environment and workers’ rights, he reflagged several of its formerly Canadian-registered ships with different flags of convenience from other countries, where safety, environmental and labour laws are lax.

Then, Jean Carle, the director of operations in Chretien’s office, was hired as a senior VP at the bank.

Trudeau or his family could reasonably be seen to have been given to influence Mr.

Trudeau in his capacity as prime minister,” states Dawson in the report.

I’m sorry I didn’t,” he said of the vacation that still cost the taxpayers 5,000, mostly for security.

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But what about former prime minister Paul Martin and his family owned company, Canada Steamship Lines?I’m a little bit busy with some paint work of my apartment. I have been saving ideas and look forward to a redesign and ton’s of resources.