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[Is it possible that boys who are supposed to love/desire females and especially have sex with them - or at least lie about that - so that no one will think/believe/suspect that they are homosexual/gay?For one possibility of what may happen in adolescent friendship boy groups when homo-sex is acceptable, see on this webpage: "Acadia, Arcadia - what's the difference?

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” I wonder that too, and I’ll put the blame on the dark swedish winter and the bright swedish summer.Examples of homo-sex having been the rule for male-bonding adolescent boys in some human cultures are given in: The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations in Human Societies - 2009 - by James Neill (Google Books). Health Silence: HIV Risk and Male-Male Sexual Practices in the Windhoek Urban Area.In: Suzanne La Font and Dianne Hubbard, Eds., Unravelling Taboos: Gender and Sexuality in Namibia.Kenya Rules Out Condoms For Prisoners (2000, Alternate Link): "He admitted that sodomy and homosexuality are rampant in Kenya's prisons. [Comment: Without doubt, many males in prisons - if not before they went to prison - ended up realizing in an experienced way that male-male sex is enjoyable and that their resulting orgasms were not happening - as I heard some say - 'because' women are not available.

Same-sex sex was also rampant in western world prisons up to the 1960s/1070s, but the new "gay" "sexual minority" ideology indoctrination essentially killed this previouly lived self-disovering reality for male prisoners.].."] Ask an Academic: The Secrets of Boys: When they talk about intimacy that might remain in their closest male friendships, they use the expression "no homo" to underscore their heterosexual status.