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11-Nov-2017 00:33

You can read about my changes in the header of First, I establish a PDO connection to the SQLite database.

If you do not use the database provided in the ZIP download for this project, edit line 10 to establish a PDO connection to your own database.

Visit the PHP PDO website to learn more about creating PDO database connections.

Next, I create the calendar's HTML markup with PHP.

Next, I create a PDO statement and execute a SQL query against the database.

This SQL query returns all events that start on the same day as the specified timestamp.

The free and easy to install community Home version, that will covers your basic needs.

And our subscription based Enterprise Distribution, which suits medium to large deployments and offers all of Pydio's features, a high level of control and our SLA covered support services.

I make several changes to David's original function.

Notice how I use the two extrapolated timestamps as boundaries for the .

If a calendar link is clicked more than once, the list of events for the given day is retrieved from cache if available instead of sending a duplicate HTTP request.

In this tutorial I use PHP and a SQLite database; however, you may use any database for which there is a PHP PDO database driver.

There are several pieces that work together in this tutorial.

First, create and prepare the database using the schema shown below.

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I won't go into the entire history here, but just to say - he had been to untold amounts of doctors (on my insistence before I would engage him) - and it turned out not to be schizophrenia at all. As far as how to deal with the episodes, I never did find a way.… continue reading »

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Restaurants can be nice, but try something a little outside your comfort zone from time to time.… continue reading »

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Although the authors find that online dating sites offer a distinctly different experience than conventional dating, the superiority of these sites is not as evident.… continue reading »

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Because most of the emails are horribly written or the guy sending it has a lousy profile. Chances are you would select the purple cow simply because it’s the only one that stood out.… continue reading »

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